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May 13,2017-10:00am

DOT (Department of Transportation) will be here.



Town of Otis

Annual Town Meeting

May 13,2017







Spring is here.









1st payment for property taxes was due November 21,2016. The second payment is dueFebruary 15,2017. ******* Please note: if your payment was not received or post-marked by the 16th of Nov. then taxes will accrue interest after that date. Please check with the Town Office before paying the second payment to see if you accrued interest on the 1st half.







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911 House Numbers 

eThe new E-911 house numbers are now available at the town office. If your residence or camp cannot be seen from the roadway you need to place a set of house numbers on a free standing post at the end of your driveway. PLEASE place the numbers in a visible place. Failure to do so could be the difference between life and death when the emergency personnel are searching for your residence or camp. Even if your property is not a year round residence you must comply with the E-911 addressing ordinance. Emergencies are not selective and can arise at any time or place.


Property Tax Payments 


Property taxes are due in two installments. The first payment is due 30 days after the commitment of taxes and the second payment is due before February 15th of the following year. You can make payments throughout the year if you wish, this helps ease the burden and avoids high interest charges when the property tax deadline is reached. Unpaid taxes are sent through the lien process approximately eight months after the commitment date. Liens are then processed through the foreclosure procedure eighteen months after the lien is placed on the property. Thirty day notices are sent prior to placing the lien on the property and prior to the foreclosure date. If you have a late payment, please call the town office to obtain the current amount of interest due before sending your check.

WE ALSO OFFER OVER THE PHONE PAYMENTS for property taxes. There will be a charge to the card holder for this action. Please call and we will be able to tell you what the fee is before we finalize the transaction. It is based on a percentage.


Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is Kent Ellsworth. To reach him you may call at 537-2360 or cell-479-2018. All dogs must be registered as of January 1st of each year. A late fee of $25.00 will be levied for each dog after February 1st. If unidentified dogs are roaming at large and a complaint is received then the dogs will be picked up and taken to the animal shelter in Ellsworth. If they have their tags on and we can trace the owner through either the license or rabies tag then we make every attempt to locate the owner. There is a $35.00 ACO fee for any dogs or cats that are picked up,which must be paid before picking up your dog or cat at the animal shelter and for any violation which may be issued to a dog owner.

Beech Hill Pond Beach 

Open: Memorial day – September 30th

8am to 8pm

The use of the beach is now available by permit only. The charge of the permits are free for a resident and $20.00 for a non-resident. If you wish to make use of the beach, please stop by the town office and obtain a BEACH PARKING PERMIT. The permit is to be placed on the dash of your vehicle so that it is visible to the Town of Otis Constable or the sheriff’s department. Any vehicle that is not displaying this permit WILL BE TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. Also, please respect the signs that state NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and the time of opening and closing of the beach. NO FIRES! The area around the beach is private property, camping is not allowed. Also, NO DOGS are allowed on the beach. The property owners who live around the beach area appreciate your compliance. If we do not observe the rules then we will lose the use of the right of way that leads from the West Shore road to the beach area. Also, please observe the NO PARKING/FIRE LANE signs on the opposite side of the road from the parking area. If an emergency vehicle needs to get through it must have the space to do so. In the past this has been a problem. If you were the one in need of emergency assistance you would want a clear way for emergency services to get to you as soon as possible.



Please remember your permits for your car parking.

Fire Permits 

Fire permits may be obtained from the Otis Town Office during regular business hours. They may be obtained nights and weekends from one of the Deputy Fire Wardens, Laura Salisbury 537-2556 or Scott Baron (MVFD Chief) 584-2044. For self contained camp fires (in a fireplace), used for cooking or warming, it is not necessary to get a fire permit. However, it is necessary to observe the fire danger and the wind conditions before doing so. We ask that you use responsible judgment when burning and refrain from burning when fire dangers are high or extreme. Sparks can easily ignite in the trees or nearby the fire. NEVER LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED please do not leave the area before the fire is completely extinguished and no heat can be felt and smoke does not rise from the ashes. If you obtain a burning permit for the purpose of burning brush, please be sure that it is a controlled burn, with a maximum wind velocity of 10 MPH, and during low fire danger. Ensure you have enough people, hose and tools to extinguish the fire if it should escape the area in which the burn is taking place. Someone must be with the fire AT ALL TIMES. Burning during weekdays is allowed only after 5:00 p.m unless otherwise informed. This is due to the fact that we have a volunteer fire department and they are not always available during the day in sufficient force to deal with a out of control wildfire. The fire danger is monitored daily at the Otis Town Office. If you are not sure of the status of the fire danger please call the town office and ask. PLEASE use as much caution as possible and follow the safety requirements that are printed on the burning permit. In accordance with Title 12 Statues, the out-of door burning of: plastic, rubber, Styrofoam, metals, food wastes, chemicals, treated wood or other solid wastes, except for wood waste is prohibited in all areas of the State of Maine. Failure to comply with this constitutes a class E crime.

Homestead Exemptions


If you have already filed a homestead exemption application then your exemption will renew each year. If you have not filed, you must file before April 1st so it will be deducted from your next tax bill. If you have recently purchased be sure to obtain your application. See our links page for the Maine Revenue Service to download Maine property tax forms online.

Boat Registration


Boat registrations expire December 30th of each year. Excise tax must be paid before a registration is issued. The State has passed a new law. In order for you to put your boat in fresh water you have to buy a special “Preserve Maine Water” sticker. The cost for the sticker is $10.00 for residents and $20.00 for non-residents. See the Protect our Waters page for more information.

Please help to keep our town clean. Littering in the Town of Otis can mean a fine of not less than $5.00 and not more than $2,500.00 for each offense.

Springy Pond has it’s own website!

New amendments to Otis Zoning Ordinance took effect September 1, 2002.



1. Plumbing (both internal and external plumbing installations and/or upgrades).

2. All construction within 250 feet of a body of water or 75 feet from a stream.

3. All earth moving of 10 cubic yards or more within 250 feet from a body of water or 75 feet from a stream.

4. All buildings throughout town need to have permits! If you are unsure…please call the office.


(weather permitting)