Protect Our Waters

In 2001, Maine's Legislature passed "An Act to Prevent Infestation of Invasive Aquatic Plants and to Control Other Invasive Species"

As of 2001, ten sites have been confirmed to have populations of Variable Milfoil

Transport of aquatic plant on boats and gear is the major cause of spreading invasive plants. Maine Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection traffic surveys and boat counts indicated that almost 50,000 boats cross our borders each year.

Beginning 2002 all motorized watercraft on inland waters must display the Lake and River Protection Sticker "Preserve Maine Waters"  No sticker is required for operating a boat in tidal waters. The Warden Service determines the boundary between   inland and tidal waters on tidal rivers. "Motorized watercraft" includes any boat with any type of motor, includes canoes with electric motors and personal watercraft.

The Maine Resident sticker costs $10. The Non-resident sticker costs $20. The cost depends on the residency of the boat, not the boater! Out-of-state residents who register their boat in Maine pay the "Resident" sticker fee. Stickers are sold wherever boats are registered or fishing licenses are sold. Place the sticker next to your registration sticker.